Are damaged downpipes affecting your property?

Don’t let your property’s damaged downpipes cause additional damage to your home. Contact the team from Guttercraft who can provide you with inspection and maintenance that could save you thousands over the long term.

How serious is a damaged downpipe to my property?

Damaged downpipes can seriously threaten your property. Water damage inside your property can damage the aesthetics of your property, such as the look of your walls, ceilings or gutters. Furthermore, it could even contribute to structural damage to your home, such as mould, water damage to your home’s structure, causing the ground to subside and even causing your walls to crack due to the property shifting. Repairing the cost of your home could cost you thousands in damages.

How can downpipes protect your home against water damage to your property?

Downpipes that are fully operational will ensure that any rainfall on your property is efficiently collected or disposed. This prevents leaks or overflows that are responsible for water damage to your internal and external areas of your property.


What things should I look out for when it comes to my property’s downpipe?

  • Check your property for any nearby trees that may be causing debris to clog or block your downpipe.
  • Check your downpipe for any rusting or corrosion.
  • Check for any leaks.
  • Check for any unusual water run-offs.
  • Check for any dents.
  • Identify any peculiar bubbling on your downpipe.
  • Check for any unusual water ponds forming around your downpipe.


Why should you get the Guttercraft team to fix your downpipe?

We have been in the guttering business in Melbourne since 1979. Our team is experienced in downpipe repairs and replacement and can help you to swiftly identify and repair your downpipe to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of work with high quality products to ensure that your downpipe operates efficiently to provide adequate drainage for your property and to keep your property safe over the long-term. We can supply and install downpipes to suit any architectural style.


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