Fascia Covers

Fascia Covers are designed to fit over your existing fascia boards. This means Guttercraft can cover your old faded and rotting timber fascia and eliminate the need to maintain and paint your fascia boards ever again. Available in a broad range of colours, to match or compliment your gutters.

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Fascia Board Replacement

As rain falls on the fascia board,or the gutters are leaking, the timber can rot This can then spread to other parts of the roof, causing further problems. The fascia board can also begin to come apart from the other components of the roof over time, this is something that should be repaired sooner rather than later, before the replacement cost escalates. The protection the fascia board offers to a property is essential, so it is therefore very important to maintain or replace it as required.

Fascia board is the component of the roof that attaches to the exposed side of the roof rafters. Visually, it acts as a trim, adding more aesthetic appeal to a home. It also offers increased weather protection, and lends additional support to the guttering system.

Call the experts at Guttercraft 1800 4 GUTTER( 448 883) to discuss your options.



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