Tiled Roof Restoration & Repairs

Roof restoration is also known as roof sealing and roof repainting, and is a process used to restore your roofs cement tiles. There are many companies that offer this service however the quality of the materials used and the workmanship can vary greatly, so it pays to ensure you use a professional with experience. The best time to complete your roof restoration is when you are replacing your guttering.

As cement roofs age they deteriorate from exposure to the elements and environmental stress, which results in cracks, breaks, rusting and possibly further damage to the inside of your roof cavity. Ongoing and regular maintenance is an important part of cement tiled roofs and the most common areas that require attention are as follows:

  • Bedding and pointing – Cracked and damaged bedding cement is a common sight on many of Melbourne’s roofs. The bedding cement is the concrete that is used to secure the ridge caps running along the peaks of your roof. The pointing is a coloured cement or compound that covers the bedding.
  • Rusty valley irons – Rusting valleys sit between the roof tiles and are an equally common site on Melbourne roofs. The steel valleys run along the join of two opposing roof faces. Once they have begun to rust the only solution is to replace them.
  • Broken roof tiles – Broken tiles can lead to water leaks into the roof cavity, onto your insulation and ultimately your ceiling. Tiles can break for many reasons, such as walking on the roof in the wrong place without taking care. Simple wear and tear of cement tiles contribute to some breakages over time.
  • Cleaning – moss, built up dirt and other staining can significantly alter the appearance of a roof. A thorough clean of your roof will enhance the aesthetic appeal, as well as keep it clean and free of dirt and moss.

At Guttercraft, we only use the best materials available and our workmanship is second to none carried out by qualified roof tilers. To discover the most economical solution for your roof call Guttercraft today on 1800 448 883.



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